About the Coalition

Coalition of Media and Digital Education is an alliance of non-governmental organisations, institutions and private persons operating in the field of media education. What binds us are the efforts we all make for the sake of acknowledging media and digital competencies as necessary in every person’s personal, social and professional life.

We understand media education as teaching/learning critical and conscious perception of media messages, and creative yet responsible use of the possibilities offered by the media of the digital era.

Media education defined in this manner is founded on communication between people with technology as its means not as an end in itself.

Coalition’s actions are aimed at popularising media and digital education by:

  1. developing and promoting good practices,
  2. initiating debates, discussions, conferences and workshops,
  3. sharing expert knowledge,
  4. initiating and supporting research in the field of media and digital education,
  5. striving for media and digital competencies being acknowledged as a vital element of the education system and the system of educating teachers and students of pedagogical faculties.
  6. taking measures aimed at convincing the public authorities that media and digital education is a prerequisite to the civilisation and economy development of Poland and to the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens.

We have been active since 6 March 2015